Weekly Pokemon Events!

Weekly Pokemon Events!

Pokémon Fans! 2023 is here and the full return of in-store Organized Play!

At both Final Round locations, you can earn Play Pokémon Prize packs by participating in our weekly tournaments! All you have to do is play through the final round and you'll get a pack for participating! (while supplies last!)

Want to earn more prizes? Boost your prizes with our $8 boosted entry and get a standard Booster Pack for participating! We will also throw prize packs into the prize pool, for those that boosted their entry!

We also have our Pokémon League every Saturday at 12:00PM at both locations! League is a casual meet-up of players, collectors, traders, and video game players as well! Everyone with a Pokémon Player ID will get a random League Promo card from previous seasons! Don't have a Play Pokémon ID? We'll get you set up! The cost for Final Round's Pokémon League is 100% FREE!

-Weekly Tournament Schedule-

Tuesdays @ 7:00PM
Saturdays @ 1:00PM

-West Ashley-
Fridays @ 7:00PM
Saturdays @ 5:00PM

Pokémon League EVERY Saturday @ 1:00PM