Crimson Rampage Prerelease!

Crimson Rampage Prerelease!

Crimson Rampage, the next set for the My Hero Academia CCG, is almost here!

Prerelease begins Friday, April 29th, and we'll be running a lot of prerelease events! Check the schedule below!

-Friday @ Midnight (11:59PM, Thursday) - Sealed
-Sunday @ 2PM - Draft

-West Ashley-
-Friday @ 6PM - Draft
-Saturday @ 1PM - Sealed
-Saturday @ 5PM - Draft

Entry to each event is $30! Pre-register for 3 or more events and the cost of each event goes down to just $25!! 

If you're planning on attending, please fill out this form:

Formats are either Sealed or Draft (this post will be updated with what format each event will be once finalized)! In both formats you will get 6 packs worth of cards to build your deck with! Plus we're giving everyone a participation pack and an exclusive promo in the final round for playing!